There’s No Need to Wonder

Some people go on gut feelings when meeting new people. Others need a little bit more proof. As a business owner or recruiter, you need to be able to trust the people that you hire. Thirty percent of small businesses are negatively affected by employee theft; therefore, background checks are an absolute necessity when looking for new hires.

You need a strong system
for hiring quality, trustworthy employees.

Data is precious material and is more exposed than ever in our digital age. Background checks must be done with the utmost discretion and forethought to insure everyone maintains the privacy they are entitled to.

This book gets you in with an expert. Rachid Zahidi is the President and CEO of Sentinel Background Checks and has all of the knowledge you need about the processes, laws, and precautions needed to look at a current or potential employee’s past. You will learn what information is appropriate to look for depending on the position and how to use it properly, as well as other valuable information to look for in order to further protect yourself from lawsuits and fraud. By taking these precautions, you create a safer work environment for your staff and yourself. This book will help you avoid losses and build a business of trusted employees.

The Business Immunity System

Rarely is such a practical and insightful guide available to business owners. As an employment-law attorney dealing with HR and “privacy” issues on a daily basis, I highly recommend The Business Immunity System. It is an extremely useful tool for companies and business owners who are attempting to navigate the murky waters of its duty to provide a safe workplace vs. its duty to avoid violations of privacy rights. Rachid, with many years of hands-on experience, helps the reader address those issues while avoiding legal complications.
Claire SaadyAttorney and PartnerSAADY & SAXE, P.A.