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The Business Immunity System is indispensable reading that must be implemented into any enterprise that cares about its employees and its future… Rachid has laid out very vital principles to ensure any company has the needed defenses against hidden crime and destructive influences. You can call him “the corporate doctor”.

Joe YazbeckFounder and PresidentPrestige Leadership Advisors

Rachid’s book is a must read for any leader, business owner, or head of HR that wants to hire the right talent. One of the biggest mistakes that I see companies trip up on is to make hiring decisions on little or incorrect data. This book is unique in that it shows you the inside world of background checks and how despite your best efforts, you can get false information.

Mary Key, Ph.D.Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, and PresidentKey Associates, Inc.

If only a business could make itself completely immune! Of course, while this is not possible, Rachid’s book is a great guide to data protection, privacy and the all-important pre-employment background check. This is a quick read, in lay terms, and gives employers what they need to know to protect themselves from easily-preventable mistakes.

Bruce BergFounder